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RecBoot 1.3 Download

RecBoot 1.3

RecBoot 1.3 Download


RecBoot 1.3

No problems with your iPhone? can restore or replace: Do not worry, most of the time there is a solution. Until now you could only be accessed by pressing a combination of buttons, but it gets easier with each and every RecBoot it takes is one click.

Very useful way to iOS

iOS is the solution to many problems in recovery mode, so if you restart the device into the firmwareIf update comes out error in the “dead” to help your iPhone.

Usually, a combination of buttons to pressthe ddyfaisiPhone you have to make a recovery. Sometimes this is not possible, especially if the home is damaged iPhone button. Thank you, to remind you to install it without pressing any buttons Recboot.

RecBoot recoverability three steps, connect your PC using a USB cable iPhoneyour, and then press Enter to run the Recovery mode software. You now use beharModu this, click Exit Recovery Mode on your iPhone and it will return to its normal state.

It is usedonly in specific circumstances

to gariogweithrediadau specific in recovery mode is designed for advanced users who want to iPhone.If not you know what that way is, you do not use it, activate it by entering the heart of the operating system we recommend that your iPhone.

You also need to take into account, for the moment, the 32-bit operating system to RecBoot only works with computers. If your 64-bit program will work. This we hope will be resolvedapp updates in the future.

gainIn this condition, iTunes RecBoot, or older, and must bodfersiwn of .NET Framework.

A lifesaver for your iPhone

RecBoot iPhone revived after leaving a job because of a firmware update fails, and you can recover your data from your phone horigaldu you think you’ve been. This is useful if you are familiar with replaceable iOS.

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